One thing I can’t understand is atheists way of thinking. They say Christians are ignorant and believing in our sky wizard makes us idiots. Why is it so hard to believe that God created everything? It makes more sense to me than by just saying there was a big boom and everything just fell into place. Now, THAT does not make sense. Ok, now you can start with the name calling.

– Seriously

Dear Seriously,

Let me do my best to help you understand the atheist way of thinking.  First, if you would allow me to define a few terms so that we may have a common understanding.  The term “ignorant” simply means a lack of knowledge, it is not synonymous with, nor does it infer that someone is, an “idiot”.  An “idiot” is someone who is incapable of learning; an antiquated term which was originally used to describe someone with a mental disability.

Now, if I were to make a formal argument and you had no knowledge of the rules concerning logic then you would be rightly described as “ignorant”.  Meaning you lack knowledge concerning those rules, not that you are incapable of acquiring the knowledge.  It appears that many Christians stop listening when they are accused of being “ignorant” because they automatically take it as some kind of insult.  Hell, I am ignorant of a great many things, it does not mean I am stupid nor does it mean you are.

Why is it so hard to believe that your God created everything?  The simple answer that there is no evidence that your God created anything.  You will likely disagree with that fact and there are so many fallacious arguments for a supernatural cause that I could spend all day listing and debunking them.  If you happen to have a favorite argument then let me know and I will explain the fallacy, but I digress.

The other problem with asserting that “god created everything” is that “god” lacks explanatory value.  That is to say, it only moves the problem of understanding the origin and operation of the cosmos from the natural to the supernatural.  Religion attempts to answer a HOW question with a pointless WHO answer.  If in answer to “How does water rain from the sky?” you stated “God”, the real question would remain unanswered.  The question was “how does” and not “who makes.”  If the eventual “how does” answer cannot exist without intent then we can start looking for the “who makes” answer.  Does that make sense so far?

In over 300 years our scientific interrogation of nature has yet to present a “how does” question that requires a “who makes” answer.  Everything we observer can be traced back to interactions which are governed by the four fundamental forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force and weak force).  There is no need for a “who makes” answer because the interactions governed by these forces never change, there is no decision to be made, there is no mind required.  Physical bodies WILL ALWAYS attract with a force proportional to their mass.  We call this the law of Gravity.  The speed of light in a vacuum WILL ALWAYS be 299,792,458 meters per second.

Now you may wish to claim that these physical laws require a creator but that leads us back to the original problem.  Asserting “God” just decided upon the physical laws of the cosmos does not explain anything; it only elevates a natural problem to a supernatural problem.  Why did God pick THESE specific laws?  We are ignorant of any alternate universes which possess different laws of physics so why even assume that they could BE any other way.

Again, the “God” answer explains nothing, is not required, and is unsupported by evidence.  That is the reason why we lack belief in the notion that gods created the cosmos.  As “God” has no explanatory value, to claim that “God makes more sense” is absurd.  Your parody of the Lambda-Cold Dark Matter model as nothing but a “big boom” reveals your ignorance of the subject.  Perhaps if you actually understood the evidence supporting the Big Bang Theory you would not be so quick to dismiss it and claim that it “does not make sense”.

This is the end of my reply and you will notice that I have not called you any names.  Would consider changing your prejudicial view of us non-believers now?