The following was made by a Christian regarding an ongoing discussion concerning the FFRF and Whiteville, Tennessee.

perhaps people have tired of your rants and untruths. perhaps they do not care to debate you any longer.
perhaps they are realizing there is no need to debate you as the battle was won long ago. you lost.

and perhaps they know that the xeists will never shut up until they close their eyes in death and, perhaps they have realized your are a very small minority and in all honesty really dont matter.

and perhaps they realize that while you are all brilliant you are absolute snobs and stuck up and feel all those who do not believe as you are low lives. and lastly perhaps they no longer have time to play with a bully who is incessant in the manner that he posts and cuts and post links to other sites to firm up his misguided beliefs and apparently lacks the mental and emotional strengths to ever have faith.

thirdum wordum VII 9-25-1919

thirdum wordum VII,

I have not grown weary in the least, rants are OK with me but I do prefer that they have substance; a quality rarely found in the rants which are religious in nature.

Maybe they do not care to debate any longer but that is merely a tacit admission of defeat, an abdication of an untenable position that the supernatural exists. We graciously accept their surrender and ask that they now consider emancipating themselves from the mind forged manacle of a celestial dictatorship.

Their may indeed be no need to debate, what other action can you undertake when all of your arguments have been dismantled and shown to be blatant logical fallacies?

Your claim that religion won the battle long ago is a bit arrogant on your part and shows a complete lack historical understanding. In the debate concerning the age of the earth, the origin of the human species, the cause of disease, the rotation of the earth, the orbits of the solar system, and the moral rightness of slavery,(just to name a few subjects) Christianity lost every time. Your spurious claim that Christians have won any debate is simply laughable. All assumptions must be critically examined; arguments from authority are worthless; whatever is inconsistent with the facts must be discarded or revised. We must understand the Cosmos as it is and not confuse how it is with how we wish it to be. In every instance Christians lost and were forced to capitulate to the facts as revealed by science.

You statement that a very small minority equates to being incorrect is yet another fallacious argumentum ad populum (Latin for “appeal to the people”). It is logically fallacious because the mere fact that a belief is widely held is not necessarily a guarantee that the belief is correct; if the belief of any individual can be wrong, then the belief held by multiple persons can also be wrong.

I am sorry that you have convinced yourself that we are snobs and stuck up. Our intentions are to persuade you to question why you hold the proposition of a god to be true. Our goal is to show you, via the Socratic Method, that belief in magical entities or anything which is based upon the claims of another human without evidence is unnecessary. Our goal is to dismantle every spurious claim with which you were indoctrinated. Claims later used to coerce you into surrendering all your reasoning faculties for the faith mentality of an abject slave.

We do not feel that those like you, who believe in magical sky wizards and undead Jews, are low lives. You must remember that most of us were once under the same delusion as you are now. I personally spent many hours debating against non-believers but in the end, after educating myself on Aristotelian logic and absorbing all the truly wonderful discoveries concerning how the natural world really works, reason prevailed and I had to reassess my own position. I realized that there really was no legitimate reason to accept the magical claims of holy books and was repulsed when the true nature of faith, the antithesis of reason, dawned upon me.

We are not bullies, you have been programmed to think that we are your enemy, we are in reality your friends; we speak out because we want everyone to be truly free; free to think for themselves without fear that an invisible monster will torture them for eternity. There can be little liberty on earth while men worship a tyrant in heaven.