Rationalism vs. Religion: According to Aron Ra

Mar 24, 2013

Let’s say that there really is a god. Whether it’s the Christian god, which frankly it cannot be anymore, we can’t prove that there is no god but we can prove that it’s not that one, the one from the Bible, that one does not exist, we know that for certain. If this god were a reality you would want to know, regardless if it was the Christian god or some other higher version of a god, perhaps one that men have not conjured up yet or maybe it’s a Hindu god, we don’t know, it doesn’t really matter. If there is a real god and it’s a thing, it is reality; I would want to know that. I as a rationally thinking person meet a believer and that believer comes to me and brings evidence, and if it’s real he would have it, if it’s real it would not require faith. The fact that belief does require faith more or less proves that it’s not real, but let’s imagine for the sake of argument that it is. This believer comes to me and brings reasons and the reasons that he gives are compelling, now these are not going to be subjective reasons, these reasons would be things that they would be able to share and convince me also. If they were to bring me these reasons and I realized that I was wrong I would change my mind because rationally minded people are open to idea that they are wrong. As a matter of fact I have to assume at the onset that I have to be wrong about something, somewhere and the only way to improve my perspective is to find the flaws in my current perception and correct them.

Meanwhile, religion insists that its perspective is the absolute and infallible truth, engrained by divine guidance on a first impression, psychically somehow. Religions have oaths and creeds of one sort or another, statements of faith wherein they admit that they will reject any and all evidence that stands against them even if it is evidence that they have never heard of or hasn’t yet been discovered, they have already rejected it without consideration.

AronRa is an atheist vlogger and activist. His videos focus on biology, with an emphasis on countering creationist claims, and advocating rationalism in science education. He also posts written material on his blog.

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