“Proof of Souls Reqires Death”: A Refutation

Feb 6, 2013
MrDesoto1 wrote:
Do you have any credible, scientific proof of these “souls”?
Working for the Lord wrote:
Yeah but it requires being dead.

johnheadBeing dead provide evidence of nothing.  I know it’s a hard thing to imagine because life is cool and the thought of death gives you pause, but when you die that’s it man, you are done, over with.  Sure you’ll have family and friends that will remember you but you yourself will be no more.  I feel like a parent having to explain that Santa Clause isn’t real, but it needs to be said.  You’re diluting yourself to avoid the realization that death is final and enjoying the thought of living forever.  But it’s not going to happen.  You’re not going to heaven and we aren’t going to hell for disagreeing with you. When we both die we won’t being meeting anyone or doing anything.  The living cells that comprise our brains will have died and what makes you who you are will be no more.

So what does that mean.  It doesn’t mean life is meaningless as religious people like to claim.  What it means is that your life is more valuable than you could have ever imagined.  There are billions of galaxies and billions of stars and billions of planets but there is only ONE you. You will only happen once.

There is more than enough to do in this life.  There is more than enough to learn in this life.  There are more than enough people to love in this life. Why not stop wasting this one life you know you have by pretending you’re going on to a second one as a reward for giving up the very thing that makes you one of a kind in the first place; YOU MIND.

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