Disingenuously Good for God

Feb 5, 2013

Birdy wrote:
If I believed that there was no Heaven (rewards/peace/happiness) and no hell (punishment/torture/misery) then I would be out there killing and stealing and every other nasty behavior because being good or nice would be useless.

danteheadSo you’re only good and do good deeds because you think you will be rewarded. Not because you’re doing good to just out of the goodness of your heart. Pretty shallow of a person you must be.

That’s like going down to the homeless shelter and feeding them only to ask them later what are they going to do for you, because apparently you expect to be rewarded.

I have 2 people living in my house at this moment that are homeless with out my help. I’m not helping them because I expect to be getting brownie points with god, nor am I helping them out because I think I will be rewarded for doing it. Even though its put a little bit of strain on my finances and my home life, I do it because if I am able to help someone then I will.

So how would my choices here be , as you put it , useless because I don’t believe in the afterlife? According to the bible I am destined for hell anyways for apostasy and blasphemy.

Though if you think about it, faith of the after life, doesn’t stop priest from molesting kids, doesn’t stop religious people from committing murders, theft, rape, etc.

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg

Birdy wrote:
I’ve been taking the “homeless” into my own home for years. I fed them, bought them clothes and supplies, treated them like family.
It is a big strain on my finances for sure. My property has been used and sometimes destroyed. All the people I helped have gone on and not a single one was there for me when I needed help. Yet, I still take the “homeless” in along with every stray cat and dog.
If I didn’t believe that there was a higher power giving me some sort of credit for what I do then I would stop doing it.

danteheadThen by your own admission you are not a good person because you genuinely care , you are only good because you think it will make god happy.  Thus making you disingenuously good.  Why would god want someone who did not do good things out of the kindness of their heart but only because you feel obligated to make god happy?

I’m only a good parent because I believe that it makes god happy not because I want to be a good parent.

I’m only a good neighbor because I believe it makes god happy not because I want to be a good neighbor and respect my own neighbors.

I’m only a faithful husband or wife because I believe it will make god happy, not because I genuinely want to be a faithful husband or wife.

Your religion has not made you into a genuinely good person.  You just use it to pretend that you are because you feel obligated to do good only for the sake of god and not for the sake of good itself.

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