Claiming a Higher Morals While Advocating Prejudice

Feb 5, 2013
snschick wrote:
The point is i wouldnt be asked to wear a head dress because i wouldn’t even apply. I am all for Christian companies. TN has the will to fire law so if i owned my own company and i heard any talks about atheism or anything like it they would be fired on the spot.

Wow and you’re not prejudice at all.

snschick wrote:
I’m prejudice because i want God fearing people to work for me? I think all companies should be allowed to ask their employees what religion they practice. most Christians have a higher moral standard than others. It would make for a better work environment

danteheadYou are admittedly prejudice and you claim you have a higher moral standard.
Your hypocrisy knows no bounds I guess.
What higher moral standard do you think Christians profess over atheist?
If anything it is atheist who have the higher standard for morality. We believe this life to be the only one we will have. So it is of great importance to us that we make everyday count , better than the last , for a better tomorrow and a better future over all.
Christians spend their entire lives waiting for the next one always thinking that this life isn’t as meaningful as the next one will be. Almost like a teenager who gets their first car and is told next year they will be getting a new Ferrari Enzo.  The teenager with their first car isn’t going to care and respect the car when they think they will be getting a Ferrari in the next year.,Christians do the same thing. They don’t treat this life with the utmost respect and care because they think there is something better for them ,they just have to die to get there

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