Christian Misconceptions: Atheist Intelligence

Mar 7, 2013

Cyclist wrote:

I have met several atheists over the years and the one common theme is they all are convinced that they are the smartest ones in the room. In reality, some are intelligent but for the most part, most are not that intelligent, they just spout someone else’s ideas and thoughts.

johnheadPlease let me clear up this misunderstanding of yours and explain why your conclusion is flawed. I’ll admit that in a room full of religious people it’s hard not to feel like the smartest person in the room but smarts, whereby I mean intelligence, is not the problem. I have said over and over again and I’ll say it once more, I AM NOT CONVINCED AND DO NOT THINK THAT I AM SMARTER THAN YOU.(I do think I am smarter than Anti-Atheist but he went out of his way to proved that)Intelligence is not measured by someone’s ability to construct original thoughts and idea, if that were remotely true then every single religious person would be disqualified. All they spout are the ideas and thoughts of 2000 year old biblical authors.

Cyclist wrote:

As I said some that I’ve come across are very intelligent. You seem to be someone I would put in that group. However, most that I have come across are very condescending and dismissive of people who are believers. As if those who believe are somehow less intelligent or gullible.

A good rule of thumb for me…if one has to try and prove how smart they are or if one feels the need to use ridicule as a part of their argument, they are probably not that intelligent.

johnheadYou’re half way correct. Condescending and dismissive are apt terms but those terms apply to the belief itself, not the believer. This is one of the biggest hurdles I’ve come to face in debating this issue over the years. Believers like you find it nearly impossible to separate yourself from your belief.I responded with condescension toward your belief in the supernatural because science and reason is superior to superstition and wish thinking. I respond dismissively toward your belief because in the absence of good evidence or logical argument there is no reason to take your belief seriously.

I respond as much as possible to YOU with understanding and concern because I use to be in your shoes. I use to regurgitate all the lame and debunked creationist clap-trap about intelligent design this and random chance that. I wanted to believe what my parents and grand-parents and preachers told me was true because why would they lie. Then I realized that they were not intentionally lying about anything, there were simply passing on what they were taught as children. They were never taught to think critically but rather to simply believe it without question on authority alone.

Nobody is trying prove anything about how smart they are to you or anyone else. You do not even know my real name so what the hell good does it do me to convince you I’m some sort of genius, I mean just think about what you’re saying. I don’t give a damn how intelligent you think I am. I am trying to give you the simple tools to think critically. You don’t have to subject yourself to an imaginary being, you can be good on your own accord and not be afraid to live your own life and think your own thoughts free from the tyranny of an invisible celestial dictator.

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