Argument from ‘Love’

Feb 20, 2013

Dude wrote:

Let me ask you atheists something. Can you "prove" that love exists? Is there a scientific method that can conclusively prove that love exists? No. But do you love your children, parents, siblings or spouse? Sure you do. Well…..prove it scientifically.

johnheadLove by its very nature is immaterial.  Love, like hate, is the label we use to describe what motivates certain behaviors we observe in humans.  I can provide evidence of love insomuch as I can point to examples of certain actions which carry that label.

I am sexually faithful to my wife.  I provide for her well-being with food and shelter.  I tend to her needs when they arise and protect her from harm.  My selfless behavior toward my wife is indicative of what we collectively label love.  Love and hate are abstract concepts and not something which can be directly measured and quantified.  They are just employed to describe human emotional and physical reactions.

Now, if we define love and hate by their corresponding physiological reactions then you could scientifically prove they exist by constructing an experiment which shows physiological reaction [A] occurs when people report loving something and physiological reaction [B] occurs when people report hating something.

Ultimately though LOVE is a human construct to describe strong emotional connections we form with other humans or sometimes animals or even inanimate objects.  One reason we know it is real is because we are able to ask each other the question and get a real answer.  On the other hand, your GOD does not answer questions in any meaningful objective manner.  Your GOD does not act in any way distinguishable from every day natural and random events.  There is no scientific method that can conclusively prove that your god exists outside the confines of your imagination.

We can dance the philosophical dance all day, my inability to convince you scientifically that love exists adds not one iota of weight behind your assertion that god is real.  At the very least I will concede that your god is as real as love in the sense that both ideas are creations of the human mind.

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