An Appeal to Ignorance – “There is no good reason to not believe in god.”

Jun 19, 2012
Truth and reality is that we will all die one day. There is no good reason to not believe in god. To deny God is taking a gamble that there is nothing after this life. Evidence seen through the eyes of faith shows us a world too complex to just happen naturally. You don’t like the word faith but you have more faith than I to not believe in a creator. – Chris



There is no good reason to not believe in god? Well you see the reason NOT to is because the claim LACKS EVIDENCE. The only reason you have to believe in a magic sky daddy is because you think your magic sky daddy is going to do you special favors.

The absurdity of your statement reveals itself when applied to other mythical beings. For example.

There is no good reason to not believe in [Pegasus].
There is no good reason to not believe in [Ganesha].
There is no good reason to not believe in [Dionysus].

The REASON to lack belief in any of those gods, as I assume you do, is because there is not a shred of evidence supporting that those entities are or were real. The same logic applies to your god in so much as the REASON to lack belief is that NO EVIDENCE exists to support such a being.

Speaking of gambles, here is the gamble you have taken. This is the only life, the only existence, which we know we have. Would you risk throwing away something you KNOW you have in the mere hope that you will receive something for which you have no KNOWLEDGE?

Why would you surrender the one thing that separates you from the rest of life on this planet, your ability to reason and the freedom to think for yourself? Why would you surrender this one life you know you have and enslave yourself to some dogma, some superstition, or some god who claims to have sacrificed himself to himself in order to stop himself from sending you to a place of eternal torment that he himself created? Why give yourself over to wish thinking because of an some empty promise, passed down from primitive tribes, of another life after you die?

That is a gamble I will not take, only the gullible and the stupid would risk such a thing.

The “eyes of faith”? The eye of ignorance is what you really mean. The “eyes of faith” look upon a complex world and instead of actually searching for real answers they see what they wish, in your case, a god and a universe which revolves around you. You look at the world with “eyes of faith” and because you want to see the finger of some god that give a shit about you, that is exactly what you see. The “eyes of faith” require no evidence, indeed evidence must be ignored, evidence is antithetical to and negates any need of faith.

You end on the “it takes more faith not to believe” nonsense. What a bunch of tripe. You know your position is a weak one and because you cannot defend it you attempt to drag me down to your level. Do you require faith to NOT believe in big foot, fairies, leprechauns, or unicorns? Of course not; you do not hold any belief in those things because they have never been shown to exists nor do you require any kind of faith to lack belief in them. Your god is no different from Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, on and on with all the other gods you do not believe in because they lack evidence.

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.

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