A terrified Arizona widow survived a violent home invasion after she disregarded all the hipster anti-gun idiots and armed herself with a motherfuck’n .38 caliber revolver — what gun-phobic fuckwits pejoratively label a ‘Saturday Night Special’ — and hid in her bathroom.  When Michael Lewis — a violent, 20 year old mouth breathing piece of garbage — found what he assumed to be a feeble defenseless woman cowering on 911 he proceeded to try and beat her to death.

Likely hoping she had believed the bullshit lies from delusional gun phobic fuckwits and would be defenseless, he was un-plesently shocked to feel the sudden sting of a bullet pass through his body.  Being the coward he is, and realizing he had bitten off more than he could chew, Lewis suddenly became the scared little bitch all those who beat women actually are.  Being in disbelief he began asking what she had done and apologizing to his intended victim.

“Don’t get up or I’ll shot you again!” exclaimed the now out of breath but victorious woman while standing over her fallen foe.

“OK! OK!” came the response from Lewis, having been rightfully made her new bitch.

And here we have the perfect answer to the demands of those anti-gun dreamers who think a locked door and a phone is all anyone really needs during a home invasion.  A perfect example of the right to keep and bear arms in action, yet a story you will find nowhere on The Young Turks network; which is no surprise as this incident clearly runs contrary to their anti-gun leftist bullshit that in practice would have lead to her death.

Having been shoot by a single bullet — Lewis was not worth the cost of replacing the other four — thousands of dollars in tax payer money was thrown away to treat Lewis for a month in order for him to stand trial.  Lewis — knowing that any decent jury would have him buried under the fucking jail — has since plead guilty to second-degree burglary and aggravated assault for forcing his way into the unidentified woman’s Phoenix home and attempting to kill her.

Watch and enjoy.

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