The Distressed Theist

Apr 26, 2013

Mednurse wrote:

There are a lot of atheists blaming the Boston attack on religion. But you, ATR, you make me worried now. You rant and rave about our religion and about our God. You disagree with us on the Bible and its preachings. And now you tell us that there are more of you (atheists) than we think. That you are embedded in our everyday life. What would you (atheists) do to stop our religion? Would you (atheists) walk around w backpacks w bombs too in order to prove your point??? You (atheists) say you will not quit until this world is "free of religion." Does that mean you will use whatever force you deem appropriate? Please tell me at what expense you choose to change people’s views and open their eyes to your non-religion? Isn’t that what those brothers did in Boston? They killed and injured many people for their religion? Would you (atheists) do the same for your "non-religion?"

The Boston attack WAS a result of religious fervor, the Islamic sort.  So let’s get that fact out of the way first.

Ranting involves writing in an angry or violent manner, I do not do that; and raving is talking or behaving irrationally, and I abhor that.  Either you’re taking a cheap shot or do not know the meaning of the words, either way I wanted to sort that out.

Correct, I do disagree with you.

Yes, there are more non-believers than you think.

Embedded is a odd word choice, it gives the impression that non-believers are trying to infiltrate something for nefarious reasons.  That is not the case at all, we just want to live our lives free of religious interference in government or persecution for not accepting religious claims as reality.  You need not worry about anything.

I can’t speak for every non-believer, we’re not some collective hive mind but to set your mind at ease I would not wish to stop religion even if I had that power.  First, that would violate my own principles of free-thought and make me morally no better then your god in that I would be punishing people for not believing what I require.  Second, I realize that religion will exist as long as people are afraid of the dark, their own death, and things otherwise unknown.

Would I bomb people to prove my point? Tell me, exactly what point would be proven via the infliction of death and grievous bodily injury on innocent people?  What possible thing would that accomplish?  Nothing, that is the answer.

"You atheist"? Is that like "you black people" or "you Muslims" or "you Jews"?  That is the phrasing of a bigot.  If history tells us anything it is that the Abrahamic religions are the ones who are willing to employ whatever force they deem appropriate to spread belief in their god.

What expense will I go to change people’s views?  Well, if by expense you mean force then none whatsoever. Attempting to equate atheism with what the brothers did in Boston is absurd.  They were Muslims, upset over the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They acted out of a sense of revenge.

As far as atheist are concerned. "Our belief is not a belief. Our principles are not a faith. We do not rely soley upon science and reason, because these are necessary rather than sufficient factors, but we distrust anything that contradicts science or outrages reason. We may differ on many things, but what we respect is free inquiry, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of ideas for their own sake." – CH

The Pretentious Theist

Apr 26, 2013

diamond wrote:

As I stated earlier I will NOT argue with anyone over ANY religious or non religious view. I personally don’t care what anyone says or thinks. Like I said earlier I believe in God. I believe he created me. But do I have any tangible proof…nope…none of us do for anything we believe except what we’ve been taught from books, letters etc from thousands of years ago. It’s all in what you choose to believe. I choose to believe there is a Higher Power and it’s God. If you or anyone else doesn’t….doesn’t and won’t matter to me:) I am kinda stubborn and so unless "I" choose to change my mind to someone else’s way of thinking….in my best southern twang "Ain’t gonna happen"…..

It says a lot about someone who injects themselves into a conversation and begins his remarks with "I personally don’t care what anyone says or thinks" before proceeding to say a great deal about what he himself thinks.  Arrogant would be an apt description of such a person, for though they are completely within their rights not to give a damn about opposing views, the fact that they assume others are obliged to give a damn about theirs is outright pretentious.

Diamond, you say you believe in a god.  In your words, I don’t care what you say or think about god.  Show me your evidence.  You say you believe this god created you. I don’t care what you say or think created you. Show me your evidence.

Now, you admit that you have no proof but then continue on to fatuously assert that nobody else has proof of what they think.  You further assert, quite incorrectly, that we all believe things simply because we read them in a book.  This is a flat out lie and you know it but just for good measure I will give you some examples.

I once read in an astronomy book that the planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are part of our solar system. I do not believe these planets exist merely because I read about them. I have directly observed Venus raising and setting with the sun. I have directly observed Mars.  I have seen Jupiter many nights with my bear eyes and with the aid of binoculars I have even seen four of the Jovian moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Calisto).

I read in a book that when metal is moved though a magnetic field it generates an electric current.  I have done this and confirmed it to be true.  I also read that electricity passing though metal generates a magnetic field.  I have wrapped wire around nails and picked up other metal objects, confirming it to be true.

So no, your statement is absolutely and demonstrably false.  We do not believe things merely because they are written down. Truth it is not determined or effected by what we choose to believe, truth is founded upon objective evidence.  As your god claim has no evidence there is no reason for anyone to think it is true, but like you said, you don’t give a damn about that?

You may choose to believe there is a Higher Power and name it God, but again in your words I don’t care what you say or what you think about your god.  Show me your evidence, otherwise your god will continue to be considered imaginary.

If you wish to remain bogged down in stultifying myth and superstition, choosing to explain your ignorance away by appealing to some magical "Higher Power", then you only do yourself a disservice.  If nothing anyone can say will change your mind then we are quite happy not having you waste your time commenting about that fact.  You are welcome to take your magic story book and go chat about what you like to believe with others who will not challenge you to support your beliefs.  When you are ready to face your fears, grow up and learn about reality then we will be here for you.