Mednurse wrote:
But WHY does it bother YOU so much? What has Christianity done to harm you? Me stuffy ing my bible at home or at church does not hurt anyone. It’s what I have a right to believe. Just about every country in the world has a BELIEF IN A HIGHER BEING….whether it be ppl in Africa, Afganastan, or wherever…..people look for smthing greater than themselves. What is wrong w that? I would rather believe in GOD and His word for us than NOT to believe. Does that hurt you? Does that hurt anybody else. No. I don’t deny anyone medical help (I’m a nurse), I don’t deny anyone equal rights, I don’t think me believing in GOD infests our government in any way. I am just happy to worship openly, have a church to go to and am able to worship w my family any time I feel. Does that actually hurt you?

You’re asking me why your religion bothers me so much, just to be clear it isn’t just your religion.  Religion bothers me because it makes normally good people say and do wicked things.  Westboro Babtist wouldn’t be protesting funerals if it were not for religion.  The Mormon church would not be fighting to deny rights to certain citizens if it were not for religion.  Stem-cell research would not be stifled if not for religion.  46% of our county would not hold creationist views of human origins if not for religion.  Gays would not be assaulted at random or even killed if not for religion.  Of course I do not expect you to take any of these things into account, you’ll make a No true Scotsman argument and claim that none of those people are real Christians.

What has Christianity done to me?  It stifled my mind for 24 years and retarded my education as I rejected anything that did not conform to the religion of my parents.  It lead me to hate certain types of people for no good reason.  It indoctrinated me to hate myself for being human, that somehow just being born and living to a certain age made me accountable for the so-called sins of distant ancestors.  Christianity indoctrinated me to consider thoughts to be dangerous, that doubt was a crime, that rejecting the claims of one book, for any reason at all, meant I was worthy, deserving even, to have my flesh roasted from by body in a torment without end.  Christianity compelled me to become a thought slave to an invisible yet somehow telepathic father figure who said that love meant kneeling before him and begging him not to punish me for being human.  Although it has led to physical harm, like the murder of George Tiller, Christianity doesn’t have to cause physical harm to be detrimental.  The cult mindset of "think and do as you are told or suffer the consequences" is harm enough.  Christianity is a mind forged manacle which offers the promise of eternal bliss in some afterlife if only you will submit the will of select men of god in this life.

Asserting that just about every country in the world has a BELIEF IN A HIGHER BEING is completely irrelevant.  You are committing an argumentum ad populum fallacy by concluding that X is true because many or most people believe it.

What is wrong with believing in a high power?  First, there is no evidence for one and one should not believe things without evidence.  Second, people inevitably come to different conclusions concerning the nature of their higher power which historically leads to them killing each other over who is correct.

So you would rather believe in an imaginary GOD and a magic book than NOT to believe, WHY?  What does it benefit you to believe in tall tales and epic fantasy?

Does that hurt people?  You individually, no, your religion collectively, yes.

So you don’t think believing in your GOD infests our government in any way.  Then why are same sex couples still being denied equal rights?  The answer, god belief.

I do not begrudge your want to be happy to worship openly.  I do not seek to deny your going to church and worshiping with your family any time your want.  Does that actually hurt me?  NO, but I did not claim that as the reason I reject, refute, and ridicule religion.