“ANTI-ATHEIST” wrote:when it comes to exposing your mistakes it bothers you does it not? You guys are as FAITHFUL to your religion of non religion as we are our true religion otherwise you would not be on here acting as missinaries and debating.. If you cant accept your dogma as one of hate and feelings of insecurity caused by pareents who negelected you in your formulative years then that is a handicap you must bear. Yeah i know you became an atheist when you got older and could reason, another way of getting the attention you never received as a child. You feel by being different you will gain your place in our world.Where will you go when you die and I am not reffering to heaven or hell. Unless you choose cremation how can you allow yourself to be laid to rest in a cemetery full of religios dead and monuments.it is what it is . requires just as much FAITH as do any other of our recognized religions.accept it and live with it.


johnheadIt would be to my benefit to have my mistakes pointed out to me.  How else would I correct them.  Please, by all means ‘expose’ me but please do so by citing evidence or a flaw in logic and not appeals to supernatural authority.

You dishonestly and intentionally confuse the meaning to different words; the meaning of ‘faithful’ with the religious meaning of ‘faith’.  I am ‘faithful’ to my wife insomuch as ‘faithful’ means trustworthy and dedicated.  That is entirely different from having ‘faith’ in my wife.  First, I know my wife is a real person with a real personality.  The ‘faith’, by which I mean ‘trust’, I have in my wife is based upon the evidence gathered during the totality of my past experience.

The type of ‘faith’ possessed by religious people like yourself is blind, meaning that one must accept, in the absence of evidence, all the tenants and claims of your religion and defend those tenants and claims against all evidence to the contrary.

We are not here as missionaries and science is not a religion. We do not require nor demand you blindly accept the scientific discoveries of the past few hundred years.  We do not demand your blind obedience to anything and we will never assert that you will be punished in some imagined after life for failing to educate yourself.

That being said, we will demand that you provide evidence for your claims.  We will refuse to submit the one think that separates us from the other animals, reason, to your invisible, mute, and apathetic celestial dictator.  We will not abandon our reason and take on the mind forged manacle of your religion in exchange for some false promise of immortality.

There is no dogma of non-belief, dogma is a belief, but this is you being dishonest again.  We do not hate you.  Insecurity actually leads to delusions of having a cosmic babysitter, like Jesus, not atheism.  My parents have always and still love me unconditionally.  They provided for my every need until I was an adult.  Attacking me and making false assertions about my childhood adds not one iota of weight to your belief in some magic sky wizard.  You could be 100% correct in your accusation and at the end of the day your god would still have no evidence of being real or having any measurable effect upon reality.

We didn’t choose to stop believing to get your attention and I already have a place in this world absent my position regarding religion.  I at least stopped believing because I realized that when stopped giving religion a pass regarding reasoning skills I use for everything else in my daily life there was no reason to believe it any longer.  It’s that simple.

The phrase ‘religion of non-religion’ is as absurd now as it was the first time you posted it.  It is a gleaming example of an oxymoron.  Likewise, not believing something cannot require faith because faith is used to justify the very thing atheism lacks.

My goodness does your dishonesty know no bounds?