Auntie-Atheist wrote:
Ok Mr Smart ass I will give you the opportunity to respond to the post no 1606. You seem to like to stick your nose in.
Challenge . No Bullshit. Read the post and respond. As I said I don’t think either of you can relate to life experiences. You are lost in your lala land of theory and lies.

Anti-Atheist wrote:
Ask yourself the question. Would non-believers fair better under Christianity and civilized law or islam and sharia law?

johnheadThe premise of your question is flawed. The first option is self-contradictory.

Christian religious law is not civilized. Burning witches, stoning unruly kids, executing gay people, stoning adulterers, etc is not in any sense of the word civilized.

We must first separate your false claim that current law is Christian and note the true nature of Christian religions law. Only then can everyone see that an atheist like me would fair no better under Christian religious law than I would under sharia. We are lucky that a majority of the founding fathers were well aware of the divisive nature of religion and set about founding a nation which follows neither of your options. Our laws are secular and our government functions with the principle that religion shall not dictate government policy and government shall not establish or otherwise endorse a religion.

“Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.”-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814