Working for the Lord wrote:

The men who wrote the bible were men used by God to put down what God wanted us to know. It’s accepted historically that the resurrection must of happened because of the eyewitnesses which included skeptics, people who were the enemy of Jesus and those who were his friends and the apostles themselves. Jews did not believe in a resurrected Jesus, they believed in an earthly kingdom. The apostles believed beyond all predisposed facts of the Jewish belief, and were even willing to die for him. The miracles and exorcism helped to confirm who he said he was.

johnheadWorking for the Lord,

“The men who wrote the bible were men used by God” <- Bare assertion fallacy

“It’s accepted historically that the resurrection must of happened” <- False attribution fallacy

“eyewitnesses which included skeptics” <- Who are these “skeptics” and what is your source?

“were even willing to die for him” <- Thousands of people have been willing to die for multiple religions, that does not make them true.

“The miracles and exorcism helped to confirm who he said he was.” – Circular reasoning. The Bible says miracles occurred and we should believe this because it is in the Bible. It is written that Mohammad performed over 1000 miracles. Does this confirm that he was the true prophet of god? No.  Does this confirm that Islam is the one true faith?  No.


Working for the Lord wrote:

Life as we know it happens only to be approx. 11,000 years old. If you count the genealogies of the beginig of ceation to now this is what you will come up with, not millions or billions.

johnheadYou base your belief that life began 11,000 years ago on the genealogies of the bible, so how does your Bible account for fossils?

Were all the craters on the moon created in the past 11,000 years?

There is a satellite galaxy next to our Milky Way called The Large Magellanic Cloud. This collection of stars is around 160,000 light-years away from us and yet we can see it with the naked eye from the southern hemisphere. If everything was kicked off 11,000 years ago then we shouldn’t see the light from this dwarf galaxy for another 149,000 years, and yet we do.

The closest spiral galaxy like ours, Andromeda, is 2.5 million light-years away and we can see it.

In 2009 astronomers spotted the most distant object yet confirmed in the universe – a self-destructing star that exploded 13.1 billion light years from Earth. It detonated just 630 million years after the big bang, around the end of the cosmic “dark ages”, when the first stars and galaxies were lighting up space.  To gauge the object’s distance, astronomers measure how much the object’s light has been stretched, or reddened, by the expansion of space. That burst had a redshift of 8.2, more distant than the previous GRB record holder, which lay at a redshift of 6.7.

I can continue to give you a mountain of evidence which shows beyond a doubt that we live in a cosmos Billions of years old. The ignorant superstitious men who wrote your bible had no way of knowing what we now know. They had no clue about physics or biology or chemistry. YOUR BIBLE IS DEAD WRONG. I’m sorry to break it to you but so long as you continue to persist in stultifying nonsense and superstition you will never know that reality is far more amazing than made up stories of the bible.

We are not the center of all things ->

Working for the Lord wrote:

Atheist uses tools like science and the thought that when you die you simply cease to exsist, so no need to worry about judgment day when one dies, clever but wrong.

johnheadWTF does this even mean? Atheism says nothing about what happens when you die. This is just another example of your complete misunderstanding of what you are trying to attack.

Speaking for myself, I would have to say that there is no evidence which points to an afterlife (magical religious books are not evidence). We know that what we perceive as consciousness depends upon chemical processes within a physical brain. We know this because we can alter our perceptions and consciousness by altering the chemicals in our brain. There is no evidence or proposed method whereby consciousness can continue in the absence of a living brain. Essentially when your body and brain die, you’re gone as well. Now don’t fret over that fact, you won’t know you are dead. You won’t know anything in fact because knowing requires a brain in the first place. Imagine what it was like for the 13 billion years before you were born, you didn’t exist then and you will return to that after you die.

The idea of consciousness beyond physical death is a novel idea. Who wouldn’t love to fly around as a ghost and screw with the living? I for one would get the hell off this planet and explore the galaxy. I’d love to see the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, witness a supernova up close, or the birth of new star. But alas, just because I think the idea sounds nice and perhaps dislike the idea of having a limited existence, I refuse to lie to myself and pretend that I know I will become immortal after I die. If you call that clever then I guess I’m clever. At least I’m not deluded.