Irrational wrote:
I do not believe in werewolves. Therefore I spend NO time arguing their existence with those who do believe. I spend No time arguing the fallacy of werewolf mythology, discussing werewolf legends, etc. because I am not emotionally invested in the argument. I merely pointed out the fact that you are emotionally very heavily invested in convincing believers in God that they are believing a myth. Your care is irrational. And yes, you do have faith. Faith that your belief in nothing is correct, that nothing can be proven. You have a tremendous faith in yourself, for you appear to assume that you know absolutely everything there is to know, including the impossibility of God’s existence. I am not that arrogant.



I lack a belief in werewolves as well but have you ever asked yourself why? I think we can agree that the reason neither of us believe in werewolves, also known as lycanthrope, is due to the fact that there is no evidence in support of the claim. In the absence of EVIDENCE we as rational adults would dismiss outright that there are humans with the ability to shape shift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse and/or lycanthropic affliction via a bite or scratch from a werewolf, or some other means.

There is a HUGE difference between my want to convince people that belief in supernatural deities like Jesus is unfounded and my lack of want to convince people that belief in werewolves is unfounded. There is no such thing as a Church of Lycanthrope, nor are their adherents to such a church attempting to shoe horn their belief in Lycanthrope into civil government, or public schools, or public policy decisions. Nobody is being denied employment because they lack a belief in Lycanthrope. Nobody has to hide their disbelief in Lycanthrope from their supervisors for fear of discrimination. Children are not being told they will burn in hell for lacking belief in Lycanthrope or having their genitals mutilated at birth because they feel the god of Lycanthrope commands it.

So you see, the REASON you and I do not spend time arguing the fallacy of werewolf mythology and discussing werewolf legends is because it is unnecessary. EVERYONE knows it is a myth. The same cannot be said for Christianity, which is also founded upon myth and legend. Therefore my “emotional invested”, as you call it, is completely rational and your argument to the contrary is false. If there were such a thing as the Church of Lycanthrope you can your bet your ass I would be speaking out against such BS.

Now let me address your misunderstanding of what it means to have FAITH. Faith is a dogmatic belief in SOMETHING. I do not have a “belief in nothing”, which is oxymoronic at any rate. Rather my beliefs are founded upon evidence and reason. Your assertion that “I assume to know absolutely everything there is to know, including the impossibility of God’s existence” is utterly fatuous and a lie. I never made any such claim; you simply assume that that is my position out of ignorance and prejudice.

So what is my actual position? It is NOT a belief in “nothing” like you incorrectly assume. My position is that of the NULL hypothesis, which means that in the absence of evidence one way or the other the only reasonable position is that WE DO NOT KNOW. We do not KNOW of anything supernatural. Because I am not gullible, my standard of belief requires reason and evidence; since none of those exist to support the assertion that gods are real, much less that we know the mind of just one of them, I hold a position of non-belief. This does not require faith of any sort because faith pertains to a claim that something “IS” and in the absence of such an “IS” claim there can be no faith. Asserting that “non-belief” is a “faith” is as asinine as asserting that non-belief in Santa is a faith; or non-belief in the Tooth Fairy is a faith. Belief without evidence REQUIRES faith and where evidence exists faith is not required. It’s not a hard concept to understand yet it will not surprise me if you continue to attempt to twist my position into one of faith.

I admit what I do not know and you accuse me of arrogance. You claim to KNOW that some god made the entire cosmos just for you, that he charged you with spreading his “good news” around the world. Your position is truly humble [sarcasm].

I will ask you again. You made a claim to possess knowledge that mankind was created, knowledge is demonstrable and objective, please substantiate that claim. That is all that I am asking you to do; it should be simple enough. Do this and you WIN!